Create an Empty Table with Explicit Types in Power Query M

Who'd a thought Explicit Types in an Empty Table would be so fulfilling... :/ wrote this about 4 years ago and it was last updated about 4 years ago.

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Back in the day, I thought, having a simple empty table in power query would have been enough. Here I am, adding explicit types to that 'simple' table... what it lacks in simplicity, it gains in the lack of a ChangeType instruction... which you are going to do anyway right?

I'll be honest, totally just copied from the docs here, but I do this often enough that I'll make some different code samples here so you can just grab what you need with different variations.

Original documentation at

  Source = #table(  
  type table [string = text, alphanumeric = text],   
      {"000123456", "000ABC123"}