The Microsoft Mashup Evaluation Container is a CPU and RAM hog

Investigating why Power Query is using so much RAM and CPU and what I can do about this wrote this almost 7 years ago and it was last updated almost 7 years ago.

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Running a Windows 10 SP3 8GB Ram and i5 CPU and the Excel 2016 Get Data / Power Query Microsoft Mashup Evaluation Container thinks it is the 3DMark testing my machines capability.

Yesterday I had one workbook that took 36 minutes to refresh all queries. I left this overnight as it was getting late when I had actually hit the refresh all button. I have a couple of queries that get run via a VBA macro to record the start and end times of my query refreshes.

When I returned in the morning I still have 75% of my RAM locked down by the Microsoft Mashup Evaluation Container.


Need to dive into some settings to see why this is happening and if there is a way around this? Also looking to see if running the exact same query the second time makes any differences. Does the cache come into play correctly? I am using some Table.Buffer steps so not sure if this will give a performance boost or hinder the cache.