Excel IFERROR in Power Query M or Power BI

if `try otherwise` not remembered then read this or else just `IFERROR`

me@jaykilleen.com wrote this over 2 years ago and it was last updated over 2 years ago.

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In excel something like IFERROR([price]*[quantity],0) or `IFERROR([first_name] & " " & [last_name],"") can be written as

I am writing this example in the context of adding a column to a table so you can ignore the part like Table.AddColumn("column_name", each and just focus on the parts try ... otherwise ....

Table.AddColumn("revenue", each try [price] * [quantity] otherwise 0, type number)


Table.AddColumn("name", each try [first_name] + " " + [last_name] otherwise "", type text)