Excel Actually Sucks

Just a place where I can write all the things I hate about Excel. Remember to just breathe

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This is just my blog therapy. A place where I can store things that annoy me about Excel and potentially some shortcuts to overcome these annoyances.

If this is your guilty pleasure, please enjoy my rantings.

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Sorting a Pivot Table by Name doesn't actually sort it at all...

Trying to Scroll Smoothly in Excel Triggers Me

I just want Excel to scroll like any other program like Chrome. When I open Excel I feel like disjointed and broken like try-ing-to-speak-one-sy-lla-ble-at-a-time. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7200000/can-i-make-excel-scroll-smoothly-without-using-middle-click

Changing a Tables Structure Kills All Your Formulae

There is nothing more frustrating in Excel than making a change to a table and then returning to see a whole lot of #REF! errors inside of your formulas. Stop touching my stuff Excel!! Gosh!


How about just leaving my formula the f alone and returning an error as the result of the formula. That way when I look at my formula I can see something like User[email] and think Oh thats cause I renamed that to User[mail] and thus I need to make that change ... ... instead I see #REF! like :fire: :fire: try and rebuild your burnt down house without looking at any plans you imbecile LOL :scream: Oh damn #Excel Sucks

Twitter 280 character limit breaks Excel COUNTIF

This Tweet from Bill Jelen pointing to a post from Contextures about the 255 character limit that Excel has when using the COUNTIF formula.