Rails new with Webpacker, Vue and Postgres

I always forget my last process for starting a greenfield rails app

me@jaykilleen.com wrote this over 5 years ago and it was last updated about 4 years ago.

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rails new appname --webpack=vue -T -C -M -d postgresql
rails new appname --webpack=stimulus -d postgresql
rails new appname -T -C -M -d postgresql

-T skip the builtin testing framework.
-C skips Action Cable.
-M skips Action Mailer.
-d postgresql - configures for PostgreSQL
--api - Runs the Rails generator in the API mode, which sets us up for reading and writing JSON instead of pumping out HTML.

After installing postgresql remove the requirement to login using passwords.


sudo vim pg_hba.conf

Edit all login lines from peer or md5 to trust. This removes the requirement to login with a password. THIS SHOULD ONLY BE DONE FOR DEVELOPMENT.

Confirm with \du

postgres=# \du
                                   List of roles
 Role name |                         Attributes                         | Member of
 jay       | Superuser, Create DB, Cannot login                         | {}
 postgres  | Superuser, Create role, Create DB, Replication, Bypass RLS | {}

After you've added the user to the database.yml file you can rails db:create then go back to psql and run \l to list all the databases.

Start or Restart Postgresql with

sudo service postgresql start
sudo service postgresql stop